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About Us

As a professional furniture refinisher for 30 years and owner of a high quality refinishing company since 1991,
I have refinished hundreds of tables of every style, shape and value.

Some of the reasons why people refinish or replace their tables are:


  • Everyday wear and tear (because life happens).
  • Damaging effects of the UV rays from sunlight.
  • Heat and moisture damage. (Cloudy white rings and marks)
  • Over watering of plants.
  • Pets being where they shouldn’t.

Refinishing or replacing of your table could be prevented with the protection of a
Table Protector Pad.

Traditional refinishing is expensive and so is replacing quality furniture. A Table Protector Pad is the best protection you can buy for your dining or other tables, at a fraction of the cost of refinishing or replacing.

We take pride in the way our Table Protector Pads are hand crafted and guarantee your satisfaction.

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