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Table Protectors


The best protection for your tables

Each table protector is custom made to fit your table.

Our table protectors are designed to protect your table against heat, spills and scratches while preserving your table’s finish.

Features of our Table Protectors are :-


  • Easy to clean moisture resistant vinyl top cover with 27 colours to choose from
  • Duravel (velour like) bottom covering will not scratch your table and allows the finish to breathe, preserving it’s beauty and integrity.
  • We use flexible adhesives to seal the edges between layers for long lasting worry free use.

Two Table Protectors to choose from


Features Elite Select
Protector Pad 1/2″ Thick 3/8″ Thick
Heat Protection 500 Degrees F 350 Degrees F
Top Colours Choices 27 Colours 27 Colours
Bottom Colours Offered 6 Colours 6 Colours
Warranty* 25 Years 10 Years
Pad Locking System Available Not Available

* Our Custom Table Protectors are warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship according to the product and time specifications above.

The Elite Table Protector (1/2″ Thick)

The benchmark of Table Protector pads.

Our Elite Table Protector will guard your table top against nicks, scratches and accidental damage by serving pieces as hot as 500 degrees F. It has exceptional sound reducing and shock absorbing qualities Available with our “Magnetic Locking system”

The Select Table Protector (3/8″ Thick)

Our Select Table Protector will guard your table top against nicks, scratches and accidental damage by serving pieces as hot as 350 degrees F, while providing good sound reducing and shock absorbing qualities

Note: “Magnetic locking system” is not available with the select table protector.

Hidden Magnetic Locking System


Our “Magnetic Locking System” holds all table pad sections together. These magnetic locks connect magnet to magnet, not magnet to steel, giving you 100% more strength.

The magnets are built into the protector pads, not visible and will not scratch your table’s finish. They are available only on our Elite Protector Pad and only in Canada.